Sweet as Candy

Candy is Dandy

Candace Marie Browne has been the head cook-hell, the only cook on the Crooked E ranch for the past three years.  She’s come to care for the owner Mr. Everson like a second father and the ranch hands like brothers…all except one.  Mason Edwards, foreman on the Crooked E ranch was as far from being a brother as a man could be.  

After walking in on her fiancé and her best friend going at it on her new furniture she needed a break from men altogether.  So like any mature woman…Candace moved out of her hometown of Helena, Montana and picked up the first waitress job she could find in Butte and didn’t look back.  That’s where Hank Everson found her a few months later and offered her the job on the E.  Within a week she felt like she was home. 

Mason had noticed the beautiful redhead the moment she walked into the dining room at the E.  But what really got him?  Was when he saw the woman actually cringe at the dinner he had made.  Every day since he’d noticed her even more.  The long shiny auburn tresses, big brown puppy dog eyes, a body that was rounded in all the right areas.  Oh yeah!  He’d spent a lot of time thinking about his Candy Girl.  Plus, the extra corn bread biscuits she snuck him every Friday after their weekly chili dinner didn’t hurt either.  Yep, Mason had discovered Candace was…Sweet as Candy!

WARNING:  This book contains numerous hot as hell cowboys, a Rottweiler who sees herself as a lapdog and a curvaceous woman who craves high-handed behavior in the bedroom from one former rodeo man.


Pure as Snow

Let it Snow!

Suede’s just an aging broken in cowboy who has now been promoted to foreman on the CROOKED E RANCH.  Over ten years ago Suede had made that phone call to Mason, his former rodeo buddy and had been welcomed to the ranch for much needed healing after a bad tangle on one mean ass bronc.  He’d been in Montana since he packed his duffle and limped to the big sky country.

Morgan, a woman who still flinched when the screen door slammed was on a ranch chalked full of rugged cowboys...alone.  Knowing she had to get over this constant fear of men is what kept her there.  Could she manage being with only the male species without suffering another panic attack?

There was just something about the little slip of a woman.  He caught himself thinking about Morgan far more than he had a right to.  But there’s more to her...what, is the real question?  The petite blonde with the big doe eyes was an awful skittish thing.  No doubt someone had did a number on her...but who?  Suede’s libido had been in hibernation for quite sometime but Morgan didn’t just jostle that bear she kicked it in the face and slapped it on its ass.

Would Morgan be able to get over her troubled past long enough to use Suede to prove she was none of the things that had been branded into her head?  Could Suede give Morgan the no strings attached sex she asked for?  Did he even want to when this was the first woman to hold his interest in...well, forever?  Whether it was foolishness or the magical feel of Christmas he wasn’t backing away from her.

WARNING:  Contains a pixie of a woman who is the one in charge in the bedroom leading one of the toughest cowboys around by his...well, you know.


Sexy as Sin

There’s a first time for everything...

Ranch hand and former soldier Kyler has finally come face to face with the woman who had started writing him while he was serving his country. Their relationship is about to completely change.

Kasha, has not only reinvented herself but has relocated to the one place where she can find her possible happily ever after or heartbreak. If only her possible future knew she was in town. Pulling herself out of the darkness of depression, Kasha craves the light that one specific Montana cowboy can provide.

A chance meeting brings both of them far more than either expected. 

Kyler finds it hard to believe that Kasha and her pure innocence could be just what he needed, hell, just what he craved. Call him selfish but Ky just can’t walk away from his Babydoll. Kash didn’t find him lacking and that only confirmed she was the same girl he had begun to fall for through their letters.

Could the girl whose letters kept him living for another day in the sand….end up being the woman that he’d love for the rest of his days?

WARNING:  This book contains a virgin who’s ready to teach a brooding

cowboy a thing or two herself... if he can keep UP.