Trick or Tryst

Although you can read *Trick or Tryst* without having watched the movie Sixteen Candles…it’s so much better if you have, and I recommend you do.

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a HUGE fan of 80’s teenager in angst films and John Hughes was the undisputed king of writing exactly those kind of movies. 

Now, I will not confirm nor deny to ever playing drinking games revolving around the totally awesome movies of my younger years. I will say I wouldn’t mind some game time with a certain life-size banana named Zander…umm you’ll understand after you read it.

Here’s to you John Hughes, Universal Pictures and of course Molly Ringwald. 

I always have you when I’m feeling like a…“such a disease.” 



Champagne and Candy Canes

1st Lt. Dusty Miller had been fairly successful keeping himself away from Sunshine Valley Hospitals spokeswoman Julianna Korentino.

That is until now…

The curvaceous woman drew him in and that’s a rarity since his injury. A year was more than enough time of denying his attraction to the green eyed beauty.

But, just when he made up his mind to act on his attraction? She was gone. Her and that sexy as hell red dress she wore to the hospitals Holiday gala.

It would take his own little Christmas miracle to get her luscious body against his own before the night was through.


Lust, Leather and Love

Blaze...even her name is hot as hell.

Sometimes it takes a hard@ss woman to handle a garage full of men, hell, to handle me. She’s been a godsend to my business but complete torture to my body. I’m done watching her from afar-oh there’s no doubt Blaze runs the show. 

That paired with a hilarious personality, curvy body that won’t quit and that don’t screw with me attitude? Has me fully torqued and revving...just waiting for her green light.

Sure, I may be her boss but there’s no question who’s the one in charge.


Kismet Kisses

Trista’s life has revolved around Casual Curves the past few years. A voluptuous girl herself, she’d seen a need for a dating site that catered to curvier women and the men who adore them. 

Her brainchild has been a complete success…her love life, however? Not so much.

She’d been making love connections and setting up meet and greets for all of her members but never joined Casual Curves herself.


Maybe because she’s been waiting for him. Tanner.

Green beer, Irish Pubs, shamrocks everywhere, and the only shade of green he sees are the emerald eyes that haunt his dreams. His Triss.

One night of getting exactly what he’s wanted for so long has panic setting in.

Tanner’s going to need a helluva lot more than a little luck on his side to make things right again.